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About Us

About us

Our story began with the need for a partner who could help our young company get the visibility and attention we knew we deserved. We didn’t have any problem finding the small, one-man shows, or the giant, Goliath-style agencies in our search. But we couldn’t find someone who had the same passion as us and gave us butterflies – or we were just too small for the big guys’ attention. Instead, we decided to go back to the drawing board and invest in ourselves. We learned how to sell our products on our own by watching the very best in the industry. And that’s how we became one of the biggest and most profitable online marketing companies in our industry. Now, we’re looking to other drawing boards and places to explore around the world.

Our services

We know we are pretty good at what we do, and in many areas, we’re the best. We don’t like that empty marketing talk that, when it comes down to it, doesn’t do anything. We work with results, which in our case means strictly analytics and numbers – and it really is the best ROI our client can get in online marketing.

  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • Traffic & Media Buying
  • Conversion Optimizing
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media

Our Portfolio

Bitcoinkeskus Crypto News Site provides unbiased news detailing the exploding cryptocurrency market and seeks to fill a gap in the Finnish-speaking market.

In a crypto industry plagued with questionable motives and biased advice, aims to remain objective and neutral. Its goal is to deliver unbiased information on the latest cryptocurrency news and trends and give users trustworthy information to make the most informed decisions.

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Bonusetu | Mediainvesting was designed to fill a gap in the Finnish online casino market and leads the pack with a “customer-first” attitude. It focuses on bringing the most up-to-date online casino information to a Finnish audience that likes to be highly informed. Due to the high demand for quality reviews and trusted advice, prides itself in providing our audience with the most trusted online casinos and the best bonuses available.

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Best Bonuses & Online Casinos |

Welcome to - Simply the Best Bonuses! was started using a very simple concept. We aim to bring a sharp UI (User Interface) to the online gaming industry.

With so many online casino bonus sites looking, feeling and almost smelling the same, looks to set a new benchmark. The goal was to bring a sleek and user-friendly interface to the global online casino market.

Learn More - demystifying the online gaming industry. It’s hard not to trust a ninja. provides quality and up-to-date online casino information and delivers it with a fun and exciting spin.

Using our ninja-like experience, we seek out the most trustworthy online casinos for our Finnish and Canadian audiences. Our extensive experience in the online casino industry has allowed us to develop a sense of hyper-awareness, and we use our ninja senses to find the best bonuses, provide unbiased reviews, and avoid casinos that don’t meet our criteria.

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Meet The Team

Kimmo Kuparinen | Mediainvestin

Kimmo Kuparinen, Chief Executive Officer

Joni-Oinonen COO | Mediainvesting

Joni Oinonen, Chief Operating Officer


Paul Puolakka, Chief Marketing Officer

Teemu Salminen | Mediainvesting

Teemu Salminen, Director


Eero Villikka,
Head of Sales

MediaInvesting is a key partner for us that helps us deliver the best quality traffic to our clients, and constantly meeting expectations every time.

Elaine G.

TAG Media

Best affiliate I could ever ask for! MediaInvesting has topped all of our charts at Matching Visions! There is honestly no better I would want to work with. They are the leading specialists in this industry!

Leanne Muleba

COO, Matching Visions

Mediainvesting are truöyindustry professionals! They provide valuable traffic and it's a lot of fun working together.

Mikael Peränen

Affiliate Manager, Honey Game Affiliates

Five star business partner and help that turned our one city tourism media platform to one of the most popular and biggest in multiple regions.

Henrik V.

City Breaks

Latest news

Read the latest news related to Mediainvesting launches in Canada

calendar Posted on: 25 elokuun, 2021

Mediainvesting, the company behind, has been preparing to launch in Canada for more than a year now and enters the market with confidence to make the go-to brand for Canadian online gamers.

Mediainvesting rebrands its Corporate image

calendar Posted on: 27 heinäkuun, 2021

Tallinn-based digital marketing and lead generation company Mediainvesting OÜ has completed an extensive rebranding effort in response to accelerated company growth and renewal to its corporate image. receives a facelift

calendar Posted on: 26 heinäkuun, 2021

Mediainvesting's portfolio includes numerous different sites in many different fields. Gambling sites make up the most important part of the portfolio, and the Finnish-based, measured by the number of users, is Mediainvesting's most important website.

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