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Adorable duck-themed is a place of fun for all Estonians. Relaxed atmosphere, the best online casinos, and the biggest bonuses – that’s what is all about! Thanks to modern user interface, the site is available on desktop and mobile. can also be spotted on Estonian TV!

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Bonuspart - Eesti Kasiinod | Mediainvesting was created with a relaxed attitude and a smile on our face. At Mediainvesting we have noticed that the fun theme makes it much easier to market and brand sites. For this reason, the main character of is an adorable duck, which has been spotted lately all over Estonia.

Published in 2022, is a modern site whose development work started with the idea of the simplest possible user interface. The look has been kept clear so that you can navigate from one place to another effortlessly on mobile devices. Mediainvesting expects that a clear majority of visitors use the site on smart devices.

  • Bonuspart is a Bonus and Casino Comparison site
  • Exclusive Bonus Offers for Estonia
  • Unbiased and transparent information about Online Gaming

Bonuspart can be seen on TV and other marketing channels is a purely casino-themed site. A specialty of the site is the Wheel of Fortune, where customers can win great prizes such as electronics and casino bonuses. This fun innovation has been cheerfully received by site users!

We have used exceptionally many resources for marketing The site is being advertised on TV, and in the future, the yellow duck will also be seen on many other traditional marketing channels.

Relaxed atmosphere and the best casinos

In addition to the successful layout, we are very satisfied with the selection of We only cooperate with the most well-known gambling sites on the market. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the casino experience is safe for each of our customers.

As its name suggests specializes in various casino bonuses. Players can claim free spins and deposit bonuses from dozens of different sites. We also offer exclusive bonuses that are not available on other sites!

Casino listings are being kept as simple as possible. All dozens of different casino options can be conveniently found in their own categories. Users can quickly step to the casino by just one button.

Estonia is a small but potential market

Estonia has a total population of approximately 1.3 million. To the delight of Estonians, we wanted to produce a truly local site. is available only in Estonian – however, in the future we might take the brand to other countries as well.

Estonia is small but potential market. Gambling and casino games are popular in Estonia and there are numerous high-quality online casinos operating under the Estonian gaming license. Many large affiliates are not interested in Estonia because of its small population. We see the situation differently.

Mediainvesting is registered in Estonia and our office is located in beautiful Tallinn. It was very natural for us to offer our expertise and our world-valued services to Estonians as well. Despite its small population, Estonia has a lot of potential.

“Building the site was a fun project, as we already have good contacts in Estonia. Thanks to these partnerships, marketing and producing content in a local language were effortless. has been warmly welcomed by Estonians. We spend a lot of resources on marketing and thanks to active brand advertising, we believe the site will become very popular over the next two years. Duck has a bright future!

Teemu Salminen | Mediainvesting

Teemu Salminen, Director, Co-Founder, MediaInvesting

Responsible Gaming

We take responsible gaming seriously and provide our audience with resources should they feel that their habits are getting out of control. As gambling enthusiasts ourselves, we aim to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our users. is a perfect blend of fun marketing and credible information. Staying true to this model, we provide a relaxed, fun environment while never losing sight of safety and personal security. Our audience seeks to be educated and informed as well as entertained. We strive to blend these ideologies perfectly and instill a sense of fun while remaining trusted experts.

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