Bitcoinkeskus Crypto News Site provides unbiased news detailing the exploding cryptocurrency market and seeks to fill a gap in the Finnish-speaking market.

In a crypto industry plagued with questionable motives and biased advice, aims to remain objective and neutral. Its goal is to deliver unbiased information on the latest cryptocurrency news and trends and give users trustworthy information to make the most informed decisions.

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Bitcoinkeskus Crypto News Site

In addition to providing up-to-date industry news, the site also provides readers with beginner-friendly guides to various topics from acquiring cryptocurrency to storing and holding it in ever-evolving exchanges and wallets. 

Bitcoinkeskus also has an expanding set of coin-specific guides, with detailed information on some of the main cryptocurrencies including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Aave, and Dogecoin. These guides continue to be updated as the coins themselves grow and attract more attention.

The site was designed to cater to both absolute beginners interested in getting into crypto trading, as well as decorated crypto traders looking to stay informed. With a Finnish audience seeking to be properly informed, the site ensures reliable information that is fact-checked and unbiased. Our goal is to build trust and provide quality information to an audience well versed in self-education.

  • is a Crypto News site
  • Provides unbiased information from the industry experts
  • Target audience is Finnish speakers globally – unbiased Crypto News

Bitcoinkeskus provides detailed information on crypto news, up-and-coming crypto coins, and various exchanges and wallets. This information covers everything the Finnish market needs to know about purchasing, moving, holding, and withdrawing cryptocurrency across multiple platforms and exchanges. As the audience is very niche, the resources can be quite in-depth and specific to the Finnish exchanges and banks. 

To keep up with trends, the site is now growing resources on the upcoming DeFi and NFT markets. This information will continue to evolve with these areas of interest. 

Bitcoinkeskus was founded around the peak of the 2017 crypto-mania. The reason was simple. We wanted to learn more about exciting new cryptocurrencies, but there was no information available in Finnish. There were also thousands of other Finns with similar needs. We started to fill this information gap one article at a time.

There was one thing we wanted to get right from the beginning. Bitcoinkeskus has always pursued objectivity. We want to provide information from a neutral point of view. It’s critical in the world of crypto, which is full of scams, social media shills, and clashes between different communities.

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Antti Hyppänen, Chief Analyst

We are proud of how Bitcoinkeskus is evolving, and enjoy learning the needs of our Finnish crypto audience, and catering to the new trends and market gaps. In such a dynamic cryptocurrency market, it forces us to constantly be on our toes, staying ahead of the curves and on top of the trends. We make it our mission to hone our skills and increase our depth in the industry. We are excited to continue to expand our digital presence, engage with our growing audience, and continue to provide the best information available. 

As crypto enthusiasts ourselves, it was a no-brainer to start this project. What started as a collation of information for personal reasons quickly turned into a viable service for our fellow Finns. It’s always rewarding when a personal passion terms into a business, and we continue to grow and expand with our initial goals in mind. We are the consumer, so it’s easy to think like one. 


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