Mediainvesting COO Joni Oinonen talks about turning the challenges into opportunities

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Mediainvesting Chief Operating Officer Joni Oinonen talks about the challenges and opportunities in a very competitive industry. How to stay ahead of the game? Read the in-depth interview!

Joni Oinonen COO | Mediainvesting

Let’s start with an introduction. Tell us about your career journey leading up to working with Mediainvesting as COO?

Leading up to Mediainvesting, I worked in the iGaming and finance industry since 2015. In the last 6 years, I developed my professional skills in multichannel marketing, content marketing, and in-house SEO. These industries quickly led me to more directed skills in performance marketing.

In 2020 I came onboard with Mediainvesting as the Head of SEO strategy and digital marketing.

What previous skills have helped you the most in your current role?

The iGaming, finance, and e-commerce industries are highly competitive and fast-paced. These industries require constant growth, adaptability, and a willingness to always be on your toes. My experience working in these industries has allowed me (and demanded me) the opportunity to develop a specific skill set.

We combat these ever-changing environments by constantly testing new theories, working with data, and fine-tuning out predictions. I believe that a keen and humble interest in testing and experimenting is essential to succeeding in these industries.

What are some of your favorite sales challenges working in the affiliate marketing industry?

I enjoy the challenge of always having to be on your toes. There is no space to be complacent, and what may have worked the year before might not work now. The digital space we work in is constantly shifting, and to remain at the top of your game you must be willing to adapt and think outside the box.

Competition is also something that motivates me, so I enjoy the challenge that our competitors provide us with. We all develop creative techniques to outcompete one another, and it continues to spur on the industry.

Where do you think this business is going in the next 5 years?

We believe that in the next 5 years, there will be an increase in the number of licensed global markets in the iGaming industry.

This means there will be plenty of room for expansion. We also believe that big public companies will continue to acquire other businesses, helping to shape the market and bring new opportunities and challenges.

On the tail end of these big acquisition business models, there may also be an increase in niche-specific sites. I hedge a guess that specific niches such as crypto will see dramatic increases in attention and traffic.

What are the key components of building a successful team in your industry?

As is a common theme in this interview, I believe that the willingness to learn and adapt is paramount in succeeding in our industry. When putting together a successful team, it’s important to keep a solid entrepreneurial mindset combined with the willingness to think outside the box.

In a constantly evolving industry, there comes a time when creativity and unorthodox approaches tend to define success. This comes down to an attitude rather than a set of skills, and I believe this attitude is essential in building a great team.

Here at Mediainvesting, I am lucky to be surrounded by such a team culture. I feel confident we will continue to stay ahead of the trend due to this shared attitude.

How have you seen technology, software, and various tools change how the sales game is played in today’s digital marketplace? How does Mediainvesting remain on top?

The affiliate marketing business model is relatively straightforward, and we use technology mainly to automate and speed up our internal processes. New software is used predominantly to support our day-to-day work, and we work hard to keep up to date on new product launches that might be relevant to our industry.

When we think a new software can help to speed up our processes and make our business model more efficient, we will test it out and evaluate its potential. If it proves to be valuable in helping our business grow, we would, of course, consider implementing it right away.

Staying competitive means staying informed on new software. Luckily our attitude of adaptability lends well to the ever-evolving industry software.

How important do trends play in your industry, and how do you stay up to date on these industry trends?

Our success is primarily based on staying ahead of the curve and predicting new trends. While this strategy can be applied to most aspects of our business model, it is particularly important when it comes to SEO. We have a very proactive style to predict upcoming trends rather than just reacting to them.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with work, what are the hobbies or techniques you use to clear your head?

If I am feeling overwhelmed, I always enjoy soaking in some nature or immersing myself in a sports activity. And of course, spending time with loved ones is probably one of the best ways to unwind.

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