Mediainvesting appoints Joni Oinonen as Chief Operating Officer

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Tallinn-based digital marketing and lead generation company Mediainvesting OÜ has announced that it has appointed Joni Oinonen as its Chief Operating Officer

Joni Oinonen COO | Mediainvesting

The role is newly created and part of the international growth strategy.

Back in 2017 When we started, we would have never imagined having grown so profitable as we are today. During these years we´ve grown our portfolio a lot and we´re involved in several different projects. Managing the overall strategy and day-to-day operations requires the right kind of can-do person. Luckily we´ve had the right kind of person internally that we could appoint to this newly created role. We hired Joni a while back as a Head of SEO and soon found that he is a very motivated and hardworking individual with an analytical mind, said we´re confident that he is the perfect person for the role of Chief Operating Officer.

Said Teemu Salminen, Director, and Founder of Mediainvesting OÜ about the appointment.

As Mediainvesting COO, Oinonen will lead the overall strategy and day-to-day operations for Mediainvesting and its family of brands and sites globally.

I´m really pleased with the company management decided to appoint me as the Chief Operating Officer. We´ve grown quite a bit during the years and in 2021 we´ve been focusing on taking the next leap in our global growth. We´ve hired few new persons to the team that has the right attitude and skillset that goes well with Mediainvesting. We´re currently looking at different verticals and marketing sources and aligning our day-to-day workflow. I´m confident that with this setup we´re going to see massive growth in the coming years..

Joni has been working in the igaming industry since 2015, he has also 5 years of experience in the finance industry from various companies and products, He´s highly skilled in SEO and multichannel marketing.

About Media Investing

Mediainvesting OÜ is a lead generation and digital marketing company based in Tallinn, Estonia. The company was founded in 2017 by two friends. The main focus of the company is to invest, develop and consult in different digital projects, they´re especially skilled in search engine optimization in igaming and cryptocurrency products and sites, but they have also various different projects they´re involved.

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