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Pivekunkku.com – Finland's largest betting community

Pivekunkku community has more than 33,000 active members, which makes it by far the largest betting community in Finland. This is something exceptional on a global scale as well!

Pivekunkku.com was built to support the needs of a betting community so that all information could be easily accessed on the same site. Pivekunkku offers its members an unprecedented selection of betting-related material, bonuses, and tips. All in one site.

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Pivekunkku | Mediainvesting

Thanks to online gambling sites, betting is nowadays more popular than ever before. A selection of thousands of bets opens on the mobile device screen anywhere, anytime. Many betting sites can also be logged in with BankID, which has increased the popularity even further.

Bettors are active in discussing different bets, sharing tips, and talking about their best betting spots. There are a lot of large betting communities in social media platforms and based on these Pivekunkku.com was also born.

Pivekunkku.com offers everyone the chance to share their best tips. Users can register an account and profile on the site. Through their profile, community members can share their own tips with other users.

A fun addition to Pivekunkku’s tip feature is that return to player rates are also published. This allows other members of the community to check in advance what the user’s hit accuracy has been in previous tips.

The open and transparent system has been a great success among Finnish bettors – Pivekunkku.com has grown to one of the Finland’s most popular betting-related sites in less than two years.

  • Pivekunkku.com is a Betting Site & Community
  • User can leave their own betting tips
  • Return to player rates are also published
  • Target audience is Finnish speakers globally

Pivekunkku.com – exclusive promotions, bonuses, and competitions

We cooperate with many of the most popular betting sites in the market. Companies of the industry are naturally interested in visibility on Pivekunkku.com website, as the number of users in the community is gigantic.

Thanks to our good contacts Pivekunkku.com is able to offer its users exclusive bonuses and promotions that can’t be found on other tip sites.

To the delight of community members, we often also organise competitions. From the monthly tip competition, participants can win up to hundreds of euros in cash based on how well their tips perform.

In addition to tips and betting bonuses Pivekunkku.com offers a wide range of information about the best online casinos and their bonuses. The idea is that a gambling and betting enthusiast will find all the different categories on the same site in an easy-to-browse format.


Mediainvesting team includes many enthusiastic bettors and sports fans. We realized that the range of betting-related affiliate sites is quite limited in the end. Pivekunkku.com was created to fix this issue and the site is built specifically on users’ terms.

Pivekunkku.com is a unique project thanks to its huge community. The Facebook group has over 33,000 active members and traffic in the site is huge. There is clearly a demand for good tips, and bettors also enjoy sharing their knowledge.

We have built Pivekunkku.com website from the user’s point of view – and we have succeeded excellently in this. Pivekunkku.com traffic is soaring. Pivekunkku.com is Finland’s largest betting community, and with a good reason.

Teemu Salminen | Mediainvesting

Teemu Salminen, Co-founder & Director

Pivekunkku.com encourages you to play responsibly

We take responsible gaming seriously, and provide our audience with resources should they feel that their habits are getting out of control. As gambling enthusiasts ourselves, we aim to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our users.

Pivekunkku.com is a perfect blend of fun marketing and credible information.  Staying true to this model, we provide a relaxed, fun and environment while never losing sight of safety and personal security.  Our audience seeks to be educated and informed as well as entertained.  We strive to blend these ideologies perfectly and instill a sense of fun while remaining trusted experts.

Should you need help with a gambling problem please visit; www.begambleaware.org or www.peluuri.fi

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