Bonusetu | Mediainvesting was designed to fill a gap in the Finnish online casino market and leads the pack with a “customer-first” attitude. It focuses on bringing the most up-to-date online casino information to a Finnish audience that likes to be highly informed. Due to the high demand for quality reviews and trusted advice, prides itself in providing our audience with the most trusted online casinos and the best bonuses available.

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With almost two decades of experience in the online gambling industry, our experts at test and play every casino game they recommend. This supports our belief that unbiased reviews can only be crafted through experience. After our initial testing and reviews, we continue to follow up on the casinos as a way of quality management, to ensure minimal deterioration. 

Holding true to our philosophy, new information is paramount. We actively seek out the newest online casino games available to the Finnish market and ensure they are safe, player-friendly, and as uncomplicated as possible.

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We strive to continue to shift the opinions of online gaming sites to be more trusted and user-friendly. Our part is to continue to provide the best information to our viewers, giving them the opportunity to make informed decisions. has given us confidence that our customer-first mentality builds trust with our viewers, and has allowed us to implement this mentality across other platforms and sites. Through the success of this site, we have also honed our skills of niche development, providing targeted resources to the Finnish market that we would not direct towards others. This ensures a sense of exclusivity, as well as provides the most market-specific information to inform our viewers.

Unbiased Information Mixed With Years of Experience

The site provides detailed information on Pay´n Play Casinos, Best Bonuses, and Live Casinos. We also ensure our viewers have access to general information, regardless of their previous experience. We provide resources for our viewers to learn about mobile casinos, free spins, the history of online gambling, and the logistics of deposits/withdrawals. We continue to update FAQs that help our audience to better understand tax obligations, payment methods, and secure money transfers. We believe in providing as much information as we can in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for our audience.   

At, we have built a strong foundation of trusted information for the Finnish online gambling market. We continue to grow and maintain our relationship with our audience through constantly updating reviews, providing industry-leading gambling news, and continuing to seek out new and exciting online gambling opportunities.  

If you’re looking to learn everything there is to know about the Finnish online gambling world, is a great starting point to build your knowledge and stay informed. 

When we first started we really had no idea that it was going to become as popular as it has. Our main focus was testing various casinos and ensuring user-friendly content for the players. 

We always strived to maintain the ”customer comes first” approach in everything we do and we choose not to take shortcuts. After a few months, the hard work started to pay off, and the number of visitors began to quickly grow. 

This was a clear indicator that we were catering to our audience and providing them with the information they needed. Nothing is ever perfect, so we´re constantly improving The latest revamp was in spring 2021, and we came back with a new and fresh design. 

We´re massively proud of the site and all the hard work our team has put into it!

Teemu Salminen | Mediainvesting

Teemu Salminen, Director, Co-Founder, MediaInvesting


Responsible Gaming

We take responsible gaming seriously, and provide our audience with resources should they feel that their habits are getting out of control. As gambling enthusiasts ourselves, we aim to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our users.

Should you need help with a gambling problem please visit; or

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